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Tanduay Distillers, Inc. is the oldest among the subsidiaries and carries with it the distinction of being one of the biggest brands in the distilled spirits category with a 99% share in the rum category.

The success of Tanduay can be attributed to several factors that include ageing, compounding and bottling facilities found in 4 strategically-located plants all over the country. The ageing facilities houses at least 200,000 oak barrels with a capacity of approximately 40 million gauge liters which is a key competitive advantage that will take 25 years to replicate.

Born out of a constantly improving quality culture, Tanduay is able to ride with the tide of times and o ers a broad range of products that cuts across gender, age and social class. Most

especially, it has established a very strong base of loyal customers with “rum” being a staple in the Visayas and Mindanao. With aggressive advertising and promotions, the company has maintained a loyal and solid market following across the country, while attracting a new generation of consumers with marketing and promotions that engage both targets.
Much of Tanduay’s rise as one of the huge Philippine brands can be credited on how it has become so much a part of the Filipinos’ lives. Its commitment is anchored on the noble vision of the LT Group which is “to make quality accessible to many.” With a competent and highly dedicated Products Development team, Tanduay strives to be at the forefront of the distilled spirits market constantly innovating to adapt to the changing demands of the market.

In 2012, Tanduay embarked on a global journey and launched Tanduay Asian Rum in the United States. Available in 2 standard variants, the product extensions boasts of Tanduay’s signature taste and character that instantly earned recognition from credible rum experts in the US.

Tanduay is a national icon. And as the Spirits Drink of Filipinos, it represents the nation’s true characteristics as a people. These include the spirit of honor and tradition; the spirit of bravery, resiliency, and dedication; and the core trait of respect for elders and family values. These characteristics have made Tanduay what it stands for today



To provide the consumers with quality products that will satisfy their taste at the best possible value.
To produce liquor products perfected and nurtured through ingenuity and craftsmanship and elevate the Filipino stature in the global standard.


To be the best in the liquor industry in the Philippines and ultimately in the global market with a vision of One World, One Spirit.




We shall maintain a manufacturing facility that is at par with world’s best and adopt innovative practices that would meet the global standard. Likewise, we shall encourage all employees to find innovative and creative ways to improve our business.


We shall take pride in providing the consumers with the highest quality products at the best possible price through investing in the right technology and embracing the best industry practices. We shall also strive for excellence in serving the consumers.


We shall look after the welfare, well-being, and professional growth of our employees by maintaining a working culture of continuous improvement towards attaining their personal fulfillment as well as achieving corporate goals


We shall enhance the local communities where we operate through job creation, supporting local business and actively working on important community issues. We shall encourage and support responsible use of alcoholic beverages.


We shall conduct ourselves as responsible corporate citizens who share in the enhancement of the economic viability of the country through observance of environmentally sustainable practices and contribute to national progress.


We shall achieve the highest standards of quality through a dynamic and improved workforce; customer focused business processes; compliance with regulatory and legislative requirements; and a culture of continual improvement in meeting business objectives with concern for the environment and the safety of the community and our employees.


We shall create and sustain awareness of identified risks and undertake the most appropriate steps to build a culture mindful of the importance of Safety and the protection of the Environment.

We shall remain focused on the need for our people to attach the highest level of priority to Environment, Health & Safety standards, as we recognize its importance to the reputation, continuity and success of the business.

We shall effectively train and communicate to our people and other stakeholders our Environment, Health & Safety performance for continual improvement.

We shall be a responsible company that consistently complies with all the relevant regulations and standards set by the government or local authorities.



In August 2005, Tanduay distillers Inc. acquired controlling stake in liquor firms Asian Alcohol corp. and Absolut chemicals Inc. for P1.7 Billion. Tanduay used existing credit lines with local banks totaling P3.0 billion to finance the deals. Tanduay paid P1.153 billion for the stake in Asian Alcohol and P567 million for Absolut Chemicals. Under the deal, Tanduay will have 90% equity in the two companies.

In 2007, TDI subscribed to the increase in the authorized capital of AAC and ACI thereby increasing its equity in the two companies to 93% and 96% respectively. Asian Alcohol Corp. is the second biggest distillery in the Philippines located in Negros Occidental. Asian Alcohol has distillation process that uses molasses, yeast, water and other ingredients. It

has a 10 hectare plant in Negros, which is the center of the country’s sugar industry. Plant facilities include aging facilities and a modern wastewater treatment plant which converts distillery waste into biogas energy for its power requirements. It has a daily rated capacity of 210, 000 liters of quality ethyl alcohol. It sells 100% of its output to Tanduay Distillers. This output comprises 70% of Tanduay Distillers ethyl alcohol requirements.

AAC has a methane gas capture system that enables it to use the methane generated from distillation as power to fire up the boilers. It is currently embarking on an expansion program that modernize and increase its distilling capacity by 100%.

Absolut Chemicals is medium-sized distillery in Batangas. It has a nine-hectare plant in Lian, Batangas wherein 60% of the plant site is allotted to its water treatment facility, which converts distillery wastes into environment-friendly form. Absolut Chemicals has a daily rated capacity of 75,000 liters of fine ethyl alcohol. It sells 100% of its output to Tanduay Distillers. This output comprises 30% of Tanduay Distillery’s ethyl alcohol requirements ACI is upgrading its distillation plant to enable it increase its production of extra neutral alcohol.


Absolut Distillers, Inc. (A.D.I.) is a duly organized and multi-awarded corporation existing under Philippine Laws, with principal address at Brgy. Malaruhatan, Lian, Batangas and an o ce at 7th Flr. Allied Bank Center, Ayala Avenue., Makati City. The Company has undergone a change of name from Century Distillery Corporation to Absolut Chemicals Incorporated during its inception in 1990, and on that same year, became part of the Lucio Tan Group of Companies. In 2005, it was offcially recognized as a subsidiary

of Tanduay Distillers Incorporated. To be aligned in LTGC’s aspirations of reaching the demands of a growing market here and abroad, change for the company is inevitable and so on 2010, Absolut Chemicals Incorporated was renamed Absolut Distillers Incorporated.

It operates an alcohol distillery plant established in October

10, 1990 and is located amidst vast sugarcane fields at Brgy. Malaruhatan, Lian Batangas, a 2-1/2 hour drive from Manila. It manufactures Ethyl Alcohol as its major product and liquefied Carbon Dioxide as fermentation by- product, which is used in the production of carbonated beverages such as soft drinks, and other industrial applications.

Its distillery plant complex has a total land area of around 16.7 hectares. The production facility occupies around 28% of the plant premises only while more than 60% is allotted to the company’s dedicated waste treatment facilities. Due to the company’s strong and relentless e orts and dedication in protecting Mother Earth, it garnered numerous awards and recognitions from the national government and from different organizations here and across international waters.