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Rum is an alcoholic beverage distilled from molasses, the dark brown syrup obtained from raw sugar during the refining process. The Tanduay rum process complies with quality-certified manufacturing processes, ensuring that every product sold in the market is carefully and meticulously produced from beginning to end.



History—that is what bears most weight in Tanduay’s character. Its 160 years of history yields a sometimes confounding but ultimately a rich mix of characters and events, as if by fate that make it the rum of the people. Tanduay provides tribute to this history in these pages with the recognition of its founding figures, its most esteemed pioneering product developer, its stable of corporate stalwarts and the events that have all brought them together. For if Tanduay is deserving of all the honor and praise heaped upon it by the world. So are the men who have toiled to make it so.



Tanduay takes pride in being one of the most awarded rums with over a hundred international awards that includes nearly a hundred golds, 7 Monde Selection International High Quality Trophies and a Monde Selection Crystal award. The Company’s entry to the premium category won more gold medals from the Madrid International Rum Conference, Beverage Testing Institute in Chicago, and superior ratings from the International Taste and Quality Institute - ITQI in Belgium with its Tanduay Asian Rum produced in 2 variants, Silver and Gold.